Wednesday wander

As you all know I absolutely love the city life up at uni and cannot wait to permanently live in a city.

But as summer starts this Friday, I have to readjust to the quiet countryside life in my hometown for 4 months, therefore there is no better way to embrace the countryside but to go on a brisk walk with my little Mobes.

A walk is also the perfect revision break as you get a good dose of fresh air to re-stimulate the brain as I have my final exam on Friday and therefore will be travelling back up to uni tomorrow!

For my walk I opted for a halter-neck crop with black jeans and showcourt trainers to provide a basic but stylish look.

Lacoste showcourt, Adidas Original Superstar and Stan Smiths are my favourite trainers this season as they literally go with any outfit, from trousers to skirts and therefore are a simple way to complete any look.
Get the look:

  • Top – Urban Outfitters
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Trainers – Lacoste

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