Beach Essentials

Summer 2016 is finally arriving, therefore its time for everyone to get their beach essentials ready!

These are my top summer essentials for 2016:


Body essentials…

First of all in order to ensure you get that summer glow, you need to prepare your skin by exfoliating on a weekly basis in order to remove those dead skin cells that prevent a glowing tan. To do this my favourite products are St Ives Face and Body Scrubs as they smell great and do their job very well without being harsh on the skin. Moisturiser is also essential to keep skin healthy and my favourite at the moment is Vaseline Coco Butter Spray & Go. Both these skin routines will ensure that you get a natural summer glow.

I do love having a tan, however I am very aware and conscious of looking after my skin therefore the Most important beach essential for me is sun cream. You should never go to the beach or sunbathe in the garden without sun protection as this is dangerous and damaging for your skin. First of all I start off with an SPF 30 from Forever Living because the natural ingredients and aloe elements ensure that skin stays safe and healthy within the sun. Then throughout the day I reapply Hawaiian Tropic Protective Tanning Oil in SPF 15 to help boost my tan as we do not get many tanning days in England!

Next you need water. Water, water and more water. Sitting out in the sun can be very dehydrating and you DO NOT want to put yourself at a higher risk for heat stroke…

Entertainment essentials…

Now when I am sunbathing I always need something to do or I get very bored… I use my phone every now and then however using it too much in the sun can cause it to overheat and that’s not good. Therefore, magazines and books are some of my beach essentials with Vogue being my most common magazine and How To Be A Parisian being my choice of book for the day.

Fashion essentials…

Now I could go on all day about my favourite beach fashion however, I have managed to pick out a few for this blog post!

First of all SUNGLASSES. My first and foremost favourite summer accessory are sunglasses as they can literally improve any outfit and provide an effortless look. My favourite sunglasses this summer are my round yellow tortoise shell Prada glasses. They come everywhere with me, plus the sun can cause damage to your eyes if exposed for too long so they are a necessity for the beach! As for a bit of glam I opted for a hot pink YSL lipgloss and that’s it as I tend to not wear much makeup to the beach as it is too hot plus my sunglasses are constantly on so theres not really much point.

Finally, the most important factor, swimwear… Swimwear comes in all shapes and styles and therefore it is important to choose the right style for you. Now there’s the debate between a bikini or swimsuit, well I love them both and cannot choose so I will be taking it in turns this summer! Some of my favourite’s are my Victoria Secret Bikini and my Topshop all in one which are both featured in the photo above… However Adore Me
have a stunning collection of swimsuits and underwear that come in a wide range of styles and sizes and here are some of my favourites…



There is plenty more where that came from, you should go check out their swimwear range here to ensure that you are looking on fleek on the beach this summer!

You should all get involved and show us your #BeachDayMusts for Summer 2016, I’d love to see your posts!

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