Fall is coming

Fall dawns upon us as the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and the bitter air is slowly starting to consume the summer breeze – therefore the coats are slowly making their way out onto shop floors.

However if you’re like me and can’t bare to let go of summer and all the cute little lace vests and slip dresses you’ve recently invested in there is a way to keep these items alive during this fall season… A trend so simple all you have to do is invest in a tiny tee…


THE SLIP DRESS… an infamous wardrobe classic that never goes out of fashion – therefore all the more reason to invest if you do not already own one and heres some of my favourites you can get your hands on…

slip1 slip-2 slip-3 slip 4.jpg slip-5


THE TINY TEE – the piece that keeps your summer buys alive this fall… The tee doesn’t have to be white it can be any colour (that goes with the dress). Here are my top picks…

tee1 .jpg tee2 tee3.jpg tee4.jpg


Dress – Topshop (old)

Tee – ZARA

Shoes – Vans

Lily xo



Wider Thinking and New Ideas….

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry I have been away soooooo long but I have taken time away from my blog to think of a perfect restructure of my blog as I was not 100% sure on the way I was running it before!

Therefore after researching and looking at many of my favourite bloggers I have decided the perfect way to blog for me….

My old blogging style consisted of me providing daily updates about my life and my style as I always showed my OOTD at the end of each post… HOWEVER I want my blog to be a fashion & Beauty blog only therefore I have decided to stop these daily posts and instead I will post my OOTD everyday on my instagram – lilywrist.

Therefore you’ll all be wondering what I am actually going to post on here… Well I will be posting weekly updates about my favourite trends each season in my trend tab and I will also be posting Beauty updates as often as possible on my favourite beauty products and all those new beauty products I will be treating myself too every time I finish one of my uni assignments!!

Lily xo