Wider Thinking and New Ideas….

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry I have been away soooooo long but I have taken time away from my blog to think of a perfect restructure of my blog as I was not 100% sure on the way I was running it before!

Therefore after researching and looking at many of my favourite bloggers I have decided the perfect way to blog for me….

My old blogging style consisted of me providing daily updates about my life and my style as I always showed my OOTD at the end of each post… HOWEVER I want my blog to be a fashion & Beauty blog only therefore I have decided to stop these daily posts and instead I will post my OOTD everyday on my instagram – lilywrist.

Therefore you’ll all be wondering what I am actually going to post on here… Well I will be posting weekly updates about my favourite trends each season in my trend tab and I will also be posting Beauty updates as often as possible on my favourite beauty products and all those new beauty products I will be treating myself too every time I finish one of my uni assignments!!

Lily xo

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