Bake bake bake bake bake bake

As you all know last week it was my boyfriends 22nd birthday whilst we was in Mallorca so yesterday I decided to chill out and bake a cake! Bit late I know but it was impossible to take/bake a cake in Spain!!

Here’s the outcome:

Chocolate fudge cake is everyone’s favourite in my household so that’s what I made. And instead of icing I smothered it in a tub of Nutella topped off with cadburys new “wini eggs” 😜😜.

As this is still a fashion blog I’ll share my baking outfit with you all…

Just a simple pair of black skinnies and stripey tee… My favourite effortless style for the daytime!

Get the look:

  • T-shirt – Topshop
  • Jeans – Topshop

Sunny Days

Sorry I haven’t kept you all updated recently my lovelies but I have been sunning it up on a well deserved break on the island of Mallorca for my boyfriends 22nd birthday… But now I’m back and blogging will be back to usual as my hectic few weeks of summer are now over and I can now tick Glastonbury, Beyoncé and Spain off my list of the year!

Anyway… The island of Mallorca is beautiful and there are some incredible views…

As for food, I think I ate more this week than my entire first year of uni 😂. But as you can see I’m still loving pasta!

As for fashion I decided to switch up my look each day in order to cram all my favourite summer bits into one week as England just isn’t warm enough to wear them most of the time. Here are my favourite photos of the week for some outfit inspiration…

As for travel the Longchamp bag and Lulu Guiness passport holder have to make an appearance…

Plus who can resist duty free Pandora in Spain?!

So that’s a quick flick through my life this week! If you want to know where any of my outfits or items are from just pop me a message and I will let you know!

Just one last thing…

Hotdogs or legs??? 😜


So, Saturday night was indeed another date night and this time I got to decide where. I really fancied pasta so I decided to go to an Italian restaurant on the seafront called Posillipo.  

I’d never been to Posillipo before but many of my friends and family had recommended it in the past and Italian is my favourite food so I thought I’d give it a try…

Everyone’s recommendations were correct because the food was lush. Both the pasta and pizza my boyfriend and I had was delicious and the table service was of a high standard too. Plus the place was fully booked so that’s always a good sign! I would really recommend this restaurant to anyone in South East England.

As for fashion… it was a nice warm summers evening, thus I decided that swinging summer vibes were necessary, therefore I chose to wear a striped midi skirt paired up with a backless pastel top and heeled sandals with a light frosted lip was perfect for the occasion.

Get the look: 

  • Top – Topshop 
  • Skirt – New Look
  • Jacket – Topshop 
  • Shoes – Topshop
  • Lipstick – ‘Frou’ by MAC