Denim, stripes & cake

So today I’ve finally had a day off work and am able to share my ootd with you all as I realise I haven’t done this in what feels like a long long time!

I spent my day off on a casual outing with my Mum and we went to a little cafe to eat chocolate fudge cake (which was absolutely delicious) whilst walking our little mobes…

As today was a perfectly hot summers day I dressed to suit the occasion wearing my new denim cut off mini skirt. Denim mini skirts are a massive trend this season and will literally go with anything on any occasion and they’re always a handy piece to keep in the wardrobe!

I paired this with a striped tie up bardot top as bardot and stripes are another big trend this season. I finished the look with a pair of old worn converse to compliment the cut off style of the skirt.

As for beauty I finally tried out my Kylie Cosmetics Koko K gloss and I absolutely love it and I will review this product on my blog very soon as the glosses are very different to the lipkits so keep you eye out!!!

Get the look:

  • Top – Topshop 
  • Skirt – Topshop 
  • Shoes – Converse 


Hello to all my lovelies!

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week but I have been so busy working trying to save these last pennies for uni next month that all I do is werk werk werk werk werk werk, meaning I have little time to myself and not the time to blog 😭😭😭😭.

But today I have made time as my long awaited delivery from Kylie Cosmetics has finally arrived and I am so in love 😍.

I ordered the products as soon as I saw the new summer colours (I know the birthday edition has come out since then but I live in the uk so shipping takes forever), but I fell in love with Maliboo and Ginger on Kylie’s Instagram and I wanted a gloss so I ordered Koko gloss as I’ve always loved that lipkit colour!

I will review these 3 products and show you all photos on Monday!!

Nude nails

Hey lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post but recently I got my nails done as there has been such a fashion craze with acrylic nails due to celebrities such as the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Rihanna and Beyoncé. 

These days there are many different shapes and styles for acrylic nails such as stiletto, ballerina, almond, round, square… You name it there’s a shape for it!

I decided to go for a nude nail in the ballerina style with a rose gold glitter on both my ring fingers… I looked at the bottles in the nail parlour and saw that the nude colour was an Essie colour named “Sand” and the rose gold glitter was an OPI colour called “Rose Gold”. But unfortunately as these are not my colours I can’t take a photo of the bottles or remember the numbers of the colours!

It’s amazing how great something so little like getting your nails done can lift your spirits! So if you’re ever feeling down go to your nearest nail parlour!


So, Saturday night was indeed another date night and this time I got to decide where. I really fancied pasta so I decided to go to an Italian restaurant on the seafront called Posillipo.  

I’d never been to Posillipo before but many of my friends and family had recommended it in the past and Italian is my favourite food so I thought I’d give it a try…

Everyone’s recommendations were correct because the food was lush. Both the pasta and pizza my boyfriend and I had was delicious and the table service was of a high standard too. Plus the place was fully booked so that’s always a good sign! I would really recommend this restaurant to anyone in South East England.

As for fashion… it was a nice warm summers evening, thus I decided that swinging summer vibes were necessary, therefore I chose to wear a striped midi skirt paired up with a backless pastel top and heeled sandals with a light frosted lip was perfect for the occasion.

Get the look: 

  • Top – Topshop 
  • Skirt – New Look
  • Jacket – Topshop 
  • Shoes – Topshop
  • Lipstick – ‘Frou’ by MAC


So today I’m going out shopping and it’s absolutely freezing outside so there’s no other option but to bring a coat. I know a coat in June, it sounds crazy but it’s literally like 9 degrees and raining in England.

So, I decided to wear an orange jacket in order to attempt to brighten up this gloomy weather. I paired this with an indigo pair of skinnies accessorised with a western style belt, basic white vest and cut out biker boots. Then I glam’d up my look with a pink lip.

My favourite part about this look is the jacket. I absolutely love the ‘slung-jacket’ trend at the moment. It is also very popular with many celebrities and bloggers as it provides a shield from the cold whilst looking very stylish. But the best thing is it can be done with pretty much any jacket!

Get the look:

  • Jacket – Red Herring
  • Vest- H&M
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Belt – Primark
  • Boots – Topshop
  • Lipstick – ‘Devotion’ by Topshop

Denim & tailoring

So it’s the 2nd of June and I’m still having to wear tights?!?! I hate tights! I swear it’s the same story every year, during exam period when every student is stuck in revising the weather is always at its best then as soon as exams finish all of a sudden it’s starts raining and blowing a gale! It’s not fair!

I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and make the most of my soft tailored jacket to keep me warm and dry. To go with my soft tailored jacket I opted for everyone’s must have wardrobe essential – the denim skirt. It’s just like a pair of jeans it goes with anything and everything, can be dressed up or down and is money worth spending as any fashionista will get unlimited wear from a denim skirt.

I paired my skirt with a striped T-Shirt and you can probably tell stripes are my favourite at the moment as I seem to feature in pretty much all my outfits! 

I also chose a nude lip and some patent T-Bar shoes to complete my look to provide a sense of simplicity.

Get the look: 

  • T-shirt – Brandy Melville 
  • Skirt – Topshop
  • Jacket – Topshop
  • Shoes – Office 
  • Watch – Vivienne Westwood
  • Clutch – Ted Baker
  • Lipstick – Yash by MAC

Swinter style

As you all know I’m from England and therefore am a victim of what I like to call “swinter style” (winter style in the summer). Recently in the UK we have been lucky with warm temperatures and blazing sun however the last couple of days have taken a turn for the worse… The gloomy rain clouds are back with their dreaded bitter winds.

I am a massive wimp in the cold so with any kind of temperature drop I am the first to whip my coat or jumper out. Therefore, today I decided to bring back my leather bomber because it is lightweight and not too thick, just incase the weather picks up (but let’s face it I’m living in false hope).

I also opted for a stripey top to try provide a summer feel to my look, I matched this with a burgandy lip topped off with leather ankle boots for a biker edge.

Get the look:

  • T-shirt – Brandy Melville 
  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Leather Bomber – Topshop
  • Boots – Topshop
  • Lipstick – MAC Viva Glam III