Summer shades

So today I have finally had the day off work and have had a well deserved day of pampering 💁🏼…

First of all I took a trip to the nail salon as my nails were beyond overdue and one had snapped off and it was just all a disaster 😫.

After browsing on Pinterest and getting some ideas I decided to try out the ‘almond’ shape for my nails finished off with a summery pale blue (I know the nail varnish was OPI but I didn’t see what the colour was called)… But I absolutely love the colour as it’s perfect for summer 😍.

After I got my nails done I FINALLY had time to try out one of my new Kylie lipkits so I decided to try out Kylie’s favourite – which is called “Ginger”…

This is the first brown shade of lipstick I’ve ever bought and I decided to buy it because it is more of a reddy-brown than a full on deep shade brown. I have decided that I absolutely love it and will definetly invest in more brown shades in the future!!

When I ordered this shade I was a little nervous as I’ve heard some bad reviews about the darker shades in Kylie’s collection as reviews claim they aren’t evenly pigmented when applied, but I disagree with this as I only used one layer when I applied ginger and it came out perfectly. If you want to read my review on Kylie’s Lipkits read here…

So these are my summer shades for the day and I will be uploading more photos of my other Kylie cosmetics products throughout the week! 



Hello to all my lovelies!

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week but I have been so busy working trying to save these last pennies for uni next month that all I do is werk werk werk werk werk werk, meaning I have little time to myself and not the time to blog 😭😭😭😭.

But today I have made time as my long awaited delivery from Kylie Cosmetics has finally arrived and I am so in love 😍.

I ordered the products as soon as I saw the new summer colours (I know the birthday edition has come out since then but I live in the uk so shipping takes forever), but I fell in love with Maliboo and Ginger on Kylie’s Instagram and I wanted a gloss so I ordered Koko gloss as I’ve always loved that lipkit colour!

I will review these 3 products and show you all photos on Monday!!

Vita Coco

Today I have had a really postive day and therefore I’ve decided to share one of my top beauty secrets with you all…

I live by this stuff for my hair and it can be bought in the condiments aisle in Tesco as well as shops like Urban Outfitters…

Taaa daaaaaa!

Vita Coco coconut oil is perfect for everything from beauty to cooking!! It has many purposes and makes a great mosturiser however the main reason I use this oil is for my hair…

This stuff is A M A Z I N G for hair. I always apply it to my hair the night before I wash it or if I don’t have time for that, I leave it on at least one hour before I wash it. It provides my hair with so much strength and has increased the shine of my hair especially in my blonde ombré! 

As for the application, I leave my Vita Coconut in a room temperature environment so it doesn’t go rock hard but doesn’t melt this making it the right consistency for application. For my hair I scrape some of the oil out and massage it in until my whole head is covered. I apply extra to the ends of my hair and tie my hair up so it doesn’t soak into my clothes.

I then wash and blow dry my hair normally and I am left with healthy, clean, soft, silky and shiny hair.

It is also very long lasting and therefore worth the money! I’ve had this pot about 3 months and still have half left!

I really recommend you try this product out to keep your locks healthy this summer as the sun can be damaging to your hair.

Go get your Vita Coco oil here!!!

Kylie Jenner Lipkit 

For my birthday I got Kylie Jenners Candy K lipkit and a few days ago I promised a review of my Kylie Jenner Lipkit. Sorry for the delay but I’ve been busy with my last uni exam recently but it’s over now so here goes… 

First of all the packaging

The packaging is one of the highlights of the product for me as it is really unique, recognisable and provides a strong brand image.

The application

The liner is not a screw up its a wooden pencil and therefore has to be sharpened, which is confusing as there is a plastic bit on the tip of the pencil which needs to be removed once the pencil is blunt the first time! Furthermore the lip liner is silky smooth and therefore applies to the lips with ease.

The liquid lipstick has a doe foot applicator which allows the product to glide on smoothly and the liquid drys within seconds to avoid any smudging but allows just enough time for you to apply, so the product is perfect in this manner. Moreover, the liquid lipstick smells so good like cake frosting and I can’t stop smelling it!

The texture

The texture of the lipstick is matte, once dried it is not sticky and you pretty much feel like there’s nothing on your lips.

The duration

This is where the product stands out for me… You literally apply it once and that’s it, it literally does not come off therefore you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put it in your handbag because you literally do not need it! You have to proper scrub it off for it to be removed, which is amazing because you’re lips are always picture perfect.

The price

The price of Kylie’s lipkits are $29 which works out to £30 in the UK with delivery, therefore I think the prices are very reasonable as they’re pretty much equivalent to the price of a MAC lipstick and liner in the UK.


I highly recommend Kylie’s lipkits and will be investing in more within the future as well as trying the glosses and metal lipsticks! But I do suggest you exfoliate and moisturise your lips on a regular basis if you want to use this product as the product will show any cracks or dry flakey skin.

The overall product is of a high quality and a good price and can be found here. However, they’re hard to get hold of as they’re exclusively sold on Kylie’s site and if you want one I suggest you follow Kylie’s snapchat and turn on your tweet notifications for her Twitter page as the products sell out within minutes of restocking!

The outcome

This is the Candy K lip liner applied on its own…

This is both the Candy K liner and the lipstick…

Hope you all enjoyed this review xoxo